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I did this piece because I am Bipolar and I wanted to express the experience (at least try to). It’s a bit surrealistic and needs explaining. 

The intent of this image is to depict the struggle of people with mental health issues. The bald male is to represent “man” including women. The bandages over his mouth represent the “gag” that stigma forces on us. The lack of eyeballs represents the unknown that individuals with mental illness so often wander through (when unable to receive the right help) The growing out of his head represents life and its sprawling toward the light depicts the struggle people with mental heath go through and that it may not always look pretty but we are trying. The lantern hung from the tree is to represent hope and that often hope is the only thing that keeps us going. The whole figure is rising out of a pill bottle to represent that mental health is NOT all about medication and of course to reinforce the theme. 

This is a rough sketch of a piece I am planning on doing muuuuuuuch larger. 

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